We are dedicated to continuously improving the world around us through STEAM oriented projects.

Futurist Network

The Futurist Network is a community hub for people interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM). Specifically in regards to improving lives and innovation across industries.

This network provides services such as:
Content – Up to date news & content on happenings within STEAM.
Workshops – Learn new skills with experts from various niches.
Community – Discuss new ideas, share your excitement with the latest breakthroughs, network with people from across the globe.
Projects – Crowdsource & fund projects from partner organizations or members.

Argo – Moon Base Proposal

The Moon Society launched a contest for the best design of a near-term Lunar Settlement using current or very-near-future technologies. Our proposal placed 3rd place. Check it out below!

Transhumanist Quest

A visual and simple website for the general public to learn about what transhumanism is, & how they can support the movement.

Find out more about transhumanist organizations, content creators, books & more.