futurist foundation

Futurist Network

The Futurist Network is a community hub for people interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM). Specifically in regards to improving lives and innovation across industries.

Futurist Network is the main program we run. Initially, we built a small community that turned into 1000+ members in the first year. The general feedback we received was that a central hub for news, discussion, events, projects, and learning opportunities was a necessity.

Futurist Foundation created a consortium with other organizations pursuing some of the same goals. From there Futurist Network was created to be used by all members of the consortium.

Currently, we are in the content phase. Producing our own original content and building an active team to keep a consistent flow. From here we will be implementing more community features, project funding opportunities and educational workshops for all members.

Why Join Futurist Network?

Content – Up to date news & content on happenings within STEAM.

Workshops – Learn new skills with experts from various niches.

Community – Discuss new ideas, share your excitement on latest breakthroughs, network with people from across the globe.

Projects – Crowdsource & fund projects from partner organizations or members.

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