Building The Future Together

Futurist Foundation is dedicated to creating a culture based around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.
We are building a futurist thinking movement & everyone is invited.

For Volunteers

Volunteers are passionate about the future and innovation! You will have the opportunity to work on projects, build communities, & manage various programs.

For Donors

UBI isn’t here just yet. Every dollar donated goes towards building the future. Your contributions are changing lives.

For Companies

Looking to be a part of the future? Join our consortium. We will help you and your employees grow through our workshops & networking events.

Together we can build the future.

There is so much that can go right, and so much that can go wrong in the future. That’s why we are bringing everyone together, so we can get it right.

Futurist Foundation


We use the power of crowdsourcing & crowdfunding for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM). Specifically in regards to improving lives and innovation across industries.


STEAM leads to new ideas and innovations. Without ingenuity and creativity, the recent developments in industries like AI, space exploration, virtual reality would not be possible.


Check out our projects & programs. Keep an eye out for opportunities to work on or support the things we are working on.

Check out our socials where we talk to the experts.

Ask questions and get answers from industry experts during our live Q&A events. Stay updated on latest news, breakthroughs & more.